Features & Functionalities

Core Features

Seamless hardware interface

Plug-and-play any printer, scanner and start working - you don’t need a service engineer.

Guided Configuration

You can easily configure for your entire organisation in a few hours. You don't need an army of IT experts or us.

Mobile device enabled

Putway, Picking (Parts issue) and related steps are mobile enabled via native Android app.

Simplified ERP Integration

You can integrate with existing ERP ( if needed ) via flat files or API interface.

Intuitive UI

Sleek,modern, yet functional design that intuitively guides the user that helps user adoption and creates an immersive UX.


Get reminders and upcoming/pending activities listed on the Dashboard; provide click-through navigation and enable users to instantly act on the pending activities.

Coming soon

Traceability dashboard provides ability to drilldown to item level details. Track Raw materials to Finished goods at the click of a button. Supports product recall and RM quarantine instantly.

Coming soon

Native Android application for mobile scanners and hand-held devices. Perform Goods Receipt, Putaway, Picking, Issue and QC check instantly using mobile application.

Built-in capability to configure labels from within the application. Simple and intuitive design interface. Saves significant time and avoids compatibility issues in porting the label design for Printing purposes.

Strong reporting capabilities

Bring your own device

The web application is compatible with all PCs. The mobile app is a native Android - app that can be launched on my Android - based mobile scanning device easily.


  • Configurable & Customizable
  • Pre-defined templates by role
  • Macro view with drill-down


  • Canned reports for starters
  • Dynamic reports for super users
  • Provides actionable insights


  • Google-type universal search
  • Advanced Search capabilities
  • Logically arranged search options

All features shown above may not be part of Standard version.

Just Plug-and-play.
Its really that
simple !

Why should you try it ?

You don’t have to be an IT
expert, it’s simple

The configuration, Setting, hardware integration and all menus are designed with a Production floor user in mind. If you still need help , training codes are available and we are happy to provide remote support.

You can get started

2 days or lesser to setup and get started. You don’t have to wait for months like a custom-built software to figure out if it works for you.

It is competitively

No upfront installation costs or hosting charges, just pay-as-you-go. Costs a fraction of a custom-built solution. Check out the options and pricing tier that fits you best.


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